Tim Andrew specialises in car photography, but tackles many subjects. Ask him, he’ll be happy to talk over your ideas and projects. The chances are he will be familiar or even have already shot a similar subject, and can help you formulate  plans to bring your project to fruition.

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30 years of photographing cars on location, means Tim Andrew is ready to tackle any weather or environment. Getting a truly creative result is all about being so familiar with equipment and situations, that you rise above the mechanics of a shoot, and concentrate on the all important photographic result.

Photographing cars in studios, is a tricky challenge. Getting a creative result from the blank canvas of an infinity cove is no easy feat, especially when every studio hour is chargeable. It’s mostly a question of mastering lighting. His location experience really comes into play, when setting lights, and honing reflections. Tim Andrew will follow your brief explicitly, while bringing his extensive experience and problem solving skills to your project.



The list of subjects Tim Andrew has photographed is huge, ranging from food, to portraits, landscapes, cycling, teaching, aeroplanes, and a ton of other products : his imaging skills & instincts work for any type of work – just ask!

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